Unit Five – Enculturation–Socialization–Learning


What to Do for Unit Five

1) Start Discussing  How and What Kind of critical thinking skills you are applying  to your Research Project (in terms of thinking about your topic and its different aspects, and also in evaluating your research sources). You can post this on Your Research Project Blog.

A Field Guide to Critical Thinking by anthropologist James Lett:


Other sources for Critical Thinking and Critical Thinking Skills:



2) Ethnographic Notes A – Higher Education and Society
By providing examples, discuss how the higher education in the U.S. helps to reproduce the dominant social relations and cultural patterns and ideologies of the society, and, at the same time reforms and changes them.
You can use visual material, if you prefer. Provide one example for each group member.

3) Ethnographic Notes B — Class room sessions as ritual-like events.

You can use the internet to choose visual data for this assignment.  Minimum one  piece of visual ethnographic data per group member.
Discuss similarities and differences between a class session and a Sunday church event.

4) Ethnographic Notes C – Digital Nation or Kids Online

View about one hour of either or both of the following PBS Frontline programs and read the related texts on the sites of either or both programs. Discuss the effects of the new digital technologies in the American formal education system for your audience from a non-essentialist and holistic perspective.

Minimum of one piece of visual data per each group member

Search online for the following two PBS pages if the links do not operate properly.

PBS – Digital Nation


PBS – Kids Online


5)  Ethnographic Notes D – Changing Education Paradigms

Watch the RSA Animate – titled Changing Education Paradigms. Review and discuss it for your audience. A form of anthropology is applied or action anthropology.  Propose how to change the educational paradigm of  the American higher education system and for what goals or purposes. 



6)     Research Project- Learning, enculturationm or socialization aspects.

Do some research on the enculturation/socialization/learning aspects of your topic, and, with proper reference and citation, share it with others. Also Give feedback (questions, comments, etc.) to another classmate.


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