Unit Ten – Globalization, The Media

What to Do for Unit Ten

1) Research Project Progress – Global aspects.

Please do some research and thinking about the global aspects of your topic, post the results with proper citation.

Provide feedback to  the global aspect of a different research project as an individual class member on Canvas.

2)  Ethnographic Notes

Choose one of the following (a-g) discussion topics/questions and summarize what you have learned and think about it for your audience

You can choose either a media topic or a globalization topic.

Provide feedback to a different post on globalization or media as an individual class member on Canvas.

a) Media and American Society and Culture

SUT JHALLY is a professor at the University of Massachusetts and the founder and Executive Director of the Media Education Foundation.

In his official web site (   http://www.sutjhally.com   ) you can access his online courses, read and download selected articles, watch and listen to his talks, and browse his books and films.

Watch Sut Jhally’s lecture titled “The Factory in the Living Room: How Television Exploits its Audience“.

What do you think about his ideas regarding watching TV as a productive practice, and the audience as exploited? Summarize it four your audience.

b) Violent Spectacles and Masculinity
Read the short article by Sut Jhally’s on manhood and popular culture (wrestling), one of his articles on his official website.


Tell your audience what do you think about the ideas expressed in this article? How would you apply these ideas to the new spectacle titled “ultimate fighting” (UFC)? 

Globalization Issues
Visit the site the following site on globalization, particularly the page on issues of globalization.



Do some research and thinking on one of the following 5 issues as they apply to contemporary U.S. society and culture and discuss the results.

c) How does globalization affect women in the U.S.?

d) Does or has globalization cause poverty in the U.S.?

 e) Why are so many people in the U.S. are opposed to globalization?

 f) Does globalization diminish cultural diversity in America?

 g) Can globalization be controlled in the U.S.?



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