Research Projects

Research Project Reports are due on  the last day of the class.

Please provide content for this outline:


Introduction: Discuss why you chose this topic and how you narrowed down your focus.

Critical Thinking: Discuss what ow  you applied your critical thinking skills in doing your project, including evaluation of sources. Be specific about each major source that you used.

Anthropological Perspective: Briefly discuss the anthropological perspective/research interest that you used in your study, e.g., anthropology of music, anthropology of food and drink, anthropology of education, anthropology of sports, legal anthropology, anthropological linguistics, medical anthropology, visual anthropology, ritual studies, etc.

Non-essentialist Perspective –  What you have done to apply a non-essentialist perspective in your study.

Eight Different Aspects of your topic with subtitles, including the historical and globalization/globalized/global aspects.

6 Other Aspects with their own subtitles

Conclusion – Discuss what you learned by working on your project and what kind of question you would like to answer if you want to continue  project in the future.

 Use Proper Citation throughout your report. Choose any style you want, and try to be consistent.




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