Ethnographic Notes

Visual Ethnographic Notes
Each week you do one assignment related to your ethnographic notes.

Each Unit’s Ethnographic Notes should have an introductory section to introduce the related practices and ideas (e.g., formal schooling, ritual, religion, socio-economic class, private property, capitalism, commodity, …….


You are a visual ethnographer from another planet/society studying the US society from a cultural anthropological perspective.

You have lived in the U.S. for a few years and now you want to communicate with the people in your society about the U.S. by sending them your ethnographic notes (a mixture of images and related texts).

In your society there is

a)    NO formal schooling – no institutions/places dedicated to formal education, no schools, no teachers/students, no diplomas, and all knowledge is free.

b) NO ritual, people do not perform rituals.

c) NO religion as a group phenomenon

d) NO socio-cultural classes – your society is classless. There is NO concept of private property–NO capitalism, a capitalist market, or money either.

e) NO gender (as in socio-cultural construction of femininity  and masculinity), each individual is unique and the society does not assign gender roles and ideas to people, and they do not perform gender–Also, No sexuality, family, or marriage!


Your perspective in your ethnographic notes is  holistic and non-essentialist.

Holistic: You are studying and representing the campus in the larger context (larger whole) of other U.S. colleges and the U.S system of formal education, and/or in the larger context of construction of socio-economic class relations, and/or gender relations, and/or ethnic relations, and/or generations, …..

Non-essentialist: You are studying and representing your topic as not having a fixed and uniform (monolithic) essence. You are looking at it as a something that is changing, you are dealing with a process that is itself part of a larger process of change. And, you are looking and representing diversity internal to your topic of study (BC campus, higher education, formal education).

And you are representing your topic to your audience in your societyin the form of visual ethnography (focus is on the visual material/data, but you also include a couple of short paragraphs or more for each picture or short video.

Post your ethnographic posts (visual and written) presenting the cultural on the BC campus




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